Use Plastic Pallets for Safe Packaging of Your Goods!

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There was a time, when wooden pallets were used by different industries to transport their products from one place to another. But with the passage of time, they slowly gave way to plastic pallets. Now a large of the market is occupied by these pallets for the transportation of goods. Although in 2003, hardly 5% of them were used, but now they constitute a huge chunk of the total percentage. Moreover in many countries, the shipping regulations are such that one has to use these pallets. No other alternative is available. No longer an option, these items have replaced wooden pallets simply because they don't suffer from insect problems unlike the wooden pallets.
The biggest users of industrial plastic pallets are the food industry. They are very much suitable for the high standards of hygiene maintained by the food industry. Furthermore as they can easily washed, sanitized and maintained, they can be reused on a higher frequency compared to the ones which are made of other materials. All these features cannot be met by the wooden ones. Hence the demand of these items is comparatively higher than the others.
As compared to wooden ones, plastic pallets are highly durable. But their durability does not mean that they are heavy. They are not only reliable as a means of shipping products but also help to cut labour costs. As no nails are used in the creation of these items the chances of getting injured are nil. One does not need to worry about broken planks or dust and chippings. These are not only hygienic, light weight but also more safe to use compared to the wooden ones.
Some of the popular industrial plastic pallets categories include:
€ Hygienic
€ Heavy duty
€ Lightweight
€ Medium load

Some of the main advantages of the plastic ones for which they are highly sought after, includes:
€ These are recyclable and can be reused.
€ They are strong and durable
€ It is not possible for the moulds to grow.
€ As these are recyclable and can be reused compared to others they are quite cost effective.
€ Many of the plastic ones are fire resistant hence they can even survive damages caused by fires.
€ The ones made of plastic available are FDA and ISO standard approved in order to ensure their quality and performance which is a beneficial factor.
€ The best part of these is that they don't absorb water and hence do not suffer from rusting.
€ As these don't use any toxic materials they are environmental friendly
€ And last but not the least, these are long lasting compared to wooden ones. They don't break easily and hence can be used for a longer duration.
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