How to Build an Inexpensive Light Box for Video

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    • 1). Start with the box. Measure and draw a two-inch border around the sides of the box. Connect the dots that will form the border with a T-square and a marker. Cut off the top of the box; leave the bottom. Cut out the inside of the borders with the X-acto knife and scissors.

    • 2). Measure the width of a sheet of Bristol board and make a mark every two inches with a marker for a total of 16 times. Using scissors, cut the 16 strips of two-inch-wide board. Glue the strips of paper along the border within the box--make sure the marker marks are facing inward and cannot be seen. Cut a length of Bristol board to the width of the box that fits from the top of the box and curves down to the bottom edge diagonal from the top edge. Tape it to the top edge and the bottom edge diagonally from the top edge--make sure the Bristol board has a concave curve to it.

    • 3). Cut swathes of white fabric that will cover the sides of the box--except for the side opposite of the curved Bristol board. This side will be relatively untouched and where the video camera will be placed. Tape the white fabric over the sides.

    • 4). Position a lamp that focuses light downward on top of the box.

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