How to Choose a Domain Name For Online Business Success?

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What is a Domain name?
  • In simple it is the name of your website or blog.
    It should be registered with a yearly fee.
  • It starts with http:// or www and ends up with an extension like .
    com .
    net .
    info etc.
  • When we write it in the internet explorer url address box we get the website or blog live.
Why it is so important in the Internet Business?
  • Because it is the first thing of online appearance.
  • It is the most optimized key word or phrase for search engines.
    Even if you do not optimize your those keywords with search engine, still it will be automatically optimized.
  • A business will be known, called and remembered by it.
 How to select it for success?
  • It should be related to the business, products or service.
  • It should be potential search able keyword or phrase by prospective customers.
  • It should be easy to remember, spell and pronounce.
Final words to remember:
  • Make it as simple as possible to read it or write it by prospects.
    People will not try hard to remember your critical name.
  • Keep it as related as possible with the offered merchandise to avoid unexpected confusion of difference between name and activities by potential customers.
  • Take several names all are pointed to one place to get maximum traffic from search engines.
    Think what are the words prospects may search to get your offer and name them accordingly.
    Try to find out bargain price with more quantity to fit them with your budget.
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