Math Anxiety Caused By Teacher"s Teaching Style

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Math anxiety can be caused by many factors. But one of the major contributors is that of the math teacher's teaching style. Have you met a teacher's teaching style that does not suit our learning style? It puts us off straight away. If not that, the going will be tough and learning math becomes taxing. It therefore appears that the role of the math teacher very much influence the outcome of our math learning. It makes us like or dislike math. The character or personality of the teacher also affects the interest towards the math subject.

However,looking back, how is the learning experience of our math teachers during their students' day studying for math themselves? Was it exciting then? Or has their math teacher taught them the way they are teaching us now? These are the very questions that we, the students, ponder also. I believe the math teachers, themselves, sometimes do model after their teachers as the image flashes back when they deal with math. The experience formed from the past do affects their teaching style, as a normal human should. If the current math teacher was taught by a dedicated and motivated one, the math learning experience would be a beautiful and enjoyable experience. However, if it was the opposite, then the impression received will goes to their teaching style and attitude towards the math subject.

If the teaching style is positive, math anxiety for the students will be reduced as the teacher are able to express their interest through the way math lessons are conducted. The math lessons and mathematical concepts will be delivered and expressed with excitement and enthusiasm. This teaching style will indirectly affects the learning emotion of the students and the extent of their math anxiety. However,having said that, the math teacher has still to constantly monitor the students' progress. Being confidence with math does not guarantee good math lesson delivery, it only serves as a good starting point where students of the math teacher are less resistant to learning math given a good role model by the math teacher. The learning math journey of the students will not have this favourable headstart given a math teacher who is not confidence and has math anxiety himself.

Therefore, to summarise, math teacher plays an important role for our students and selecting the appropriate teacher becomes more crucial as it decides between a good start and better math learning journey. For math teacher who demonstrates math anxiety, be aware and constantly self-remind that your teaching style has an impact on the outcome of the students' learning. For student, be aware that math teachers are also human with their own feeling and personality. Adjust your learning style to match your teacher's teaching style to reap the best possible result in your math learning and aim to reduce math anxiety.

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