Folk Music Basics

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American Folk Music History

American folk music has been around since the country was founded. Learn more about the history of folk music from the time it was first recorded, until now.

Folk Songs 101

Learn more about some of the most notable, historic, and memorable American folk songs. Find out what inspired their creation, and how their meaning has changed over time.

Essential Songs, Albums, and Artists

Find out what songs, albums, and artists you want to have in your personal folk music collection.

Classic Protest Music

Here are some of the most notable protest and political singers in American folk music.

New Protest Music

Protest music didn't die at the end of the 1960s. Here are some of the new protest singers on the scene.

The Environment, Labor and Civil Rights

Not all political and protest music speaks out against a war. Here are some recommended songs, artists and albums dealing with the environment, labor issues and civil rights.
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