Asthma Treatment - How the Experts Do an Assessment and Diagnosis For Asthma

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Because you know your child so well, you are most likely to spot any symptoms of asthma.
You should try to remember the symptoms in detail, as by the time the doctor sees your child they will probably have passed.
How to diagnose asthma? A cough, particularly a persistent cough that occurs during the night or after exercise, is one of the most common indicators.
Wheezing is another sign, and suggests that the airways may be constricted.
Shortness of breath, when your child has to stop what she is doing or sit up in bed in order to breathe more easily, should also be reported to your doctor, as should complaints about tight feelings in the chest.
If every cold your child catches becomes a more serious infection for which antibiotics have to be given, this could be significant to the diagnosis, especially if the antibiotics do not alleviate the condition.
For supporting evidence, your doctor will also be looking for other information that would support a diagnosis of asthma.
Tell him or her if your child has suffered from eczema or dermatitis, even if she was treated for it and it is on her medical records.
You may also be asked about your family's medical history; whether you or your partner, or your child's grandparents, have any atopic conditions, such as asthma, hayfever, dermatitis or eczema.
For making an assessment, once asthma has been diagnosed your doctor will want to make an assessment of its severity.
Asthma varies enormously from rare bouts of wheezing to severe symptoms requiring repeated hospital stays.
If your child is over five years old, your doctor may take a peak flow reading.
A peak flow meter measures how fast air leaves the lungs when your child breathes out.
The doctor will probably ask her to do it two or three times to get the best reading, against which all future readings will be compared.
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