5 Differences Between Mopeds and Scooters

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If you are trying to save a few buck in your transportation expenses these days, you may want to consider a moped or scooter.
Obviously if you don't live near your work or have a large family this may not be possible.
But for single people, students, or someone who has just a short commute to work, these vehicles can save you a ton of money when it comes to what you are paying at the pump each month.
Many people interchange the two terms, but they technically are not the same.
Here are some of the differences between the two: #1 The Look.
Some of you reading this that are a little bit younger may have never even seen a moped.
They look like a heavier duty version of a bike.
They have a motor, but they also have pedals.
The scooter on the other hand, has no pedals and looks like more like a mini motorcycle.
#2 The Motor Mopeds are going to tend to be a lot less powerful than most scooters.
They will usually have a 1 gallon gas tank with no more than a 49cc motor.
Don't get me wrong, they will usually get you over 200 miles on a tank, but they are limited on power.
The scooter, on the other hand, has evolved over the years.
Scooters come with many different engine sizes ranging from 49cc up to 250cc.
#3 Speed The mopeds are hindered by their smaller motor, so they only get going to around 30 mph tops.
The scooter can go anywhere from 25mph up to 60mph depending on the size of the motor.
#4 Availability Honestly, there are going to be many more options available to you if you are choosing a scooter over a moped.
#5 Affordability A moped might be a little less expensive because a) the are usually not as high tech; or b) you may actually have to find a used one if the moped is the way you want to go.
Scooters are much more advanced nowadays, but some people like the old school look and feel f the moped.
Either way, they are both going to save you massive amounts of money at the pump if you decide to use them.
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