Pursue Your Career in Cosmetology and Get a Ticket to Fame and Success

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A career in cosmetology is not only financially lucrative but has also become more culturally significant in recent years. If you want a job at an upscale salon with high salary then degree from an accredited cosmetology school is necessary. So if you are looking for a successful career as a cosmetologist then opt for a school that offers education in the current trends and techniques.

Proper training is essential to any cosmetology career. If you are interested to work as a cosmetologist, you need to get a permit from the state you live in. The qualification required for the license varies from state to state. But usually the person need to be sixteen year or older. She/he should have secondary school recognition or have passed the GED exam, and have a certificate from a licensed and authorized cosmetology school. There's typically a written exam that an individual need to pass to get a license. Sometimes he or she need to physically show cosmetology abilities. Also, there are at times oral questions.

Cosmetology Courses:

General Cosmetology is a specific course in United States. Despite the fact that the courses offered have the key emphasis on hair styling, most prestigious and selective Cosmetology schools also provide general beautician training like facials, manicures, etc. to the students.

The duration of a certificate course in General Cosmetology is around 1 year, but other courses such as pedicure and manicures, make-up art, facials, are of a shorter duration ranging from 1 month to six months. Cosmetology Beauty Schools impart specialized Cosmetology Training for longer duration.
If you want to practice general cosmetology then the basic requisite is graduation in General Cosmetology Course and a license thereon in any of the sub-disciplines. The candidate can also opt for study to become an aesthetician, pedicurist or manicurist.

National organizations provide information on the educational and professional requirements of candidates. The candidates can choose between private schools and Vocational schools offering the Cosmetology Course to High School Students. Bellus Academy is the Best Artistic Beauty School in San Diego wherein the candidate is given the Best cosmetology training making them a qualified cosmetologist.

Once the course is completed the graduates are required to collect the licenses from their respective state cosmetology boards before practicing. The license can be collected only after passing a licensure examination and a proof is needed that the course is completed from an accredited institution. Few hours of internship may also be required depending on which state the student seeks a license from.

Practicing cosmetologists can choose to work among a variety of opportunities. Traveling may be an added incentive for those who prefer to work on cruise ships that offer salon and spa amenities. Theater companies and media outfits require cosmetology service providers as well. Those who prefer to stay in their localities may look up salons and spas in their areas of residence or nearby cities in the same state. Better yet, explore the realm of entrepreneurship and have a cosmetology services business to run.

Taking up cosmetology may cost a student anywhere between USD 2,000 to USD 15,000. However, with financial aid options available and with the numerous choices of colleges to attend, completing a program in cosmetology is within anyone's reach; whether as an initial goal or as a path towards a worthwhile career shift.
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