Italian Baby Gifts

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    Personalized Onesie

    • Purchase a plain or solid color onesie from a baby clothing store or a general merchandise store that sells onesies. Make sure they are made from 100 percent cotton because of the baby's sensitive skin. Take the onesie to an embroidery shop or tailoring shop and have Italian sayings printed on it. For example, you may have "bambino," which means "baby" in Italian, printed on the front. Another idea from the Baby Goodies website is a onesie that reads the following: "I'm so cute I must be Italian."

    Baby Shirt with Italian Flag

    • Purchase a little baby tee printed with the Italian flag. The official colors of Italy are red, white and green. So if you cannot find a tee with Italy's flag, then consider an outfit that incorporates these three colors. For example, you could purchase a baby jogging suit in white. Pair it with a baby hat in green and baby sneakers in red. You will have a baby outfit that resembles the Italian flag.

    Italian Welcome Desserts

    • Welcome a new baby into an Italian home by preparing an authentic Italian dessert for the parents and any other family members who reside in the house. Prepare a berry strata or a peach and blueberry crostata, which essentially is a fruit pie, suggests the Food Network website. Also consider delivering a batch of home-baked biscotti paired with freshly ground coffee. Place in a basket lined with a cloth representing the baby's gender--pink for a girl and blue for a boy.

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