"Wonder Pets" Birthday Cake Ideas

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    Fly Boat Cake

    • The Wonder Pets rely on the Fly Boat to get around, so it would make for a neat birthday cake design. Prepare pound cake mix and bake it in a 9-inch spring-form pan at 350 degrees F. Once the cake has baked and cooled fully, cut the cake in half and coat the sides with purple frosting. Make a semicircle by sandwiching the two halves together, trimming the rounded edge so the cake will be able to stand on its own. Use red frosting to coat the top of the cake, as well as the sides so that the purple and red proportions are about equal. Use blue frosting to coat mini donuts for the wheels, and use gumdrops as the engines. Use two purple craft sticks and a triangular cutout of yellow lined paper for the mast and sail.

    Logo Cake

    • This is a relatively simple cake to make, but its bright colors will make it pop for your child's birthday. Bake a cake mix of your choosing in circular pans; these can be any size, but factor in the size of the pan you choose to ensure the cake bakes correctly. Use white frosting as the base to make red, yellow and blue colored variations. Coat the cooled cake with a layer of yellow frosting, and then make a blue ring around the edge of the cake. Finally, use the red to make a large "W" in the middle to complete the logo cake.

    Ming-Ming Cupcakes

    • Ming-Ming cupcakes are a cute way to pay homage to the brave little duckling. Bake two dozen cupcakes using a cake mix of your choice and follow the instructions on the package. Once the cupcakes have cooled, coat them with pale yellow frosting. Microwave chocolate taffy candies for a few seconds and then use a rolling pin to flatten the softened result. Cut out pieces to make Ming-Ming's aviator hat; use small brown candies to make the eyes of the hat. Repeat the same process with green apple taffy and then use strips of the flattened material to make Ming-Ming's scarf. Shape softened pink taffy into beaks and place them in the center of the cupcakes. Use dots of black frosting for Ming-Ming's eyes.

    Tuck Cupcakes

    • Give the birthday spotlight to Tuck, the emotional, caring turtle, with a batch of cupcakes. Bake 24 cupcakes according to the packaged mix instructions, and then allow the cakes to cool completely. For Tuck's nose, place half a wafer cookie atop a dot of green icing on each cupcake so that the cookie hangs about 3/4 inch over the right half of the cupcake. Coat the cupcake and cookie surfaces with green frosting, and use two dots of black or brown frosting to make Tuck's nostrils. Use half of a full-size marshmallow as Tuck's hat; place this in the top left-hand corner of the cupcake, and top it with a red gumdrop as the pom-pom. Use a blue candy for Tuck's eyes on each of the cupcakes, and use a thin line of black or brown frosting to make the mouth.

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