How to Access a Crosstab Query Parameter

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    • 1). Open Access 2010 and select a database containing a crosstab query. Click the "File" tab and select a database from the recently used database list in the File menu. The database opens.

    • 2). Right click on the crosstab parameter in the Navigation Pane. Select "Design View." Review the fields in the crosstab and select a field for the parameter query.

    • 3). Click in the criteria section of the field and format the parameter query. Parameter query ask a question that is enclosed in brackets. For example, if you are looking for the total sales of your sales staff, enter "[Enter the salesman name?]" in the criteria field.

    • 4). Click the "Parameters" button in the ribbon and declare this parameter. The Query Parameter dialog box appears. Enter your formatted parameter question in the "Parameter" field and change the data type to "Text." Click "OK" to complete this parameter declaration.

    • 5). Run the query by clicking the "Run" icon. The query prompts you with the salesman question. Enter your answer and press "Enter." Access displays a summarized crosstab total for that salesman.

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