What Is the Federal Labor Relations Authority?

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The United States has many different laws regarding the fair treatment of workers, including federal employees. There are also several independent government agencies that regulate these laws. For instance, if you believe that you are a victim of discrimination, you can take your case to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The Federal Labor Relations Authority, or FLRA, is another government agency that helps mistreated workers. The FLRA focuses on federal employees as well as employers' relations with labor unions.

The FLRA was created by the Civil Service Reform Act in 1978. It has three main components: the Authority, the Office of the General Counsel of the Authority, and the Federal Service Impasses Panel. Additionally, there is also an Office of Administrative Law Judges. These branches work together to carry out the responsibilities of the FLRA. According to the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, the five main duties of the FLRA are as follows:

  • Investigate and resolve unfair labor practice disputes between unions, agencies, and employees

  • Conduct elections for union representation and handle issues regarding union representation for employees

  • Review arbitration appeals, also called exceptions, on behalf of a union or agency

  • Adjudicate collective bargaining or negotiation disputes regarding the legality of contractual agreements between an agency and union

  • Direct dispute resolution procedures when an impasse arises between a union and an agency

If you have a case involving one of these issues, you can file with the FLRA. However, the filing procedure can be complicated as you may have to file some information with your regional FLRA office and other data with the Authority component of the Federal Labor Relations Authority. Additionally, it is important to note that employees of the U.S. Postal Service do not file their agency or union complaints with the FLRA. Due to the complex nature of filing a claim with the Federal Labor Relations Authority, it is recommended that people seek assistance from a knowledgeable lawyer in order to make sure all of the filings go to the proper agencies with all of the necessary information.

If you need help with union or agency issues, you may be able to have the FLRA handle your case. However, it can be helpful and informative to have an experienced federal employment lawyer by your side. To learn more about your legal options, contact a knowledgeable employment attorney today. A lawyer can help you determine what the best avenue of resolution for your dispute will be.
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