Want Your Ex Back? No Sex Allowed!

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Your break-up is miserable.
It is understandable that you should want to turn to someone in your time of need.
And who better than your ex? The nights are cold, lonely, and just plain miserable! You are willing to back in your partner's arms at any cost! Besides you know your partner is safe.
And a little sex never hurt anyone.
Think again! Having sex with your ex is a huge mistake.
Are you really interested in being the person your ex turns to for sex? Especially, if he or she is looking to date someone else? Do not set yourself up for more heart-ache.
You don't want 'buddy-sex', you want your ex back in your life! Often people turn to one another, in desperation.
You do not want to be the person your ex turns to simply because your ex believes he or she needs sex! Attempting to win back your ex with sex is a mistake, because this will give him or her reason to remain in contact with you, but in the wrong way.
You don't want your ex to think of you as simply the someone he or she has sex with until someone better comes along! You want the respect of your ex, you want his or her companionship! In other words, when you settle for a 'just for sex', relationship, you are depriving yourself of the whole package! Don't allow yourself to be the 'go to, get some' person! If your ex is that desperate for sex, what kind of foundation did you have in the relationship to begin with? A relationship built entirely on sex, degenerates at least one person and that could be you! You are worth far more than any one night stand! Show some respect for yourself and your ex! There are plenty of other avenues to help you gain insight into getting your ex back, if that is really what you want! Your ex may be shocked enough to give you the cold shoulder if you refuse sex.
This is childish behavior.
Make it a futile expedition! When you begin to re-build your relationship you want to be able to admire yourself and your ex.
Giving into someone for sexual purposes, degrades you both! You and your ex should look to each other for guidance, companionship, definitely more than a series of one night stands!
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