Do You Suffer From Bad Allergies?

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Any one who has allergies or love someone that has them, it is not a nice thing to have.
Many people are allergy suffers all over the world, allergic to one thing or another, be it food allergies, dust, mites, pollen, the list is long.
If you have insurance by all means get the help you need, there are a few real good medicines that can and do work, connect your doctor and talk to them about your allergy problems.
Sadly many people do not insurance today and must seek some way to get their allergies under control.
Some over the counter medicines will work, but be sure to read the labels and learn what they have in them and are they safe to use.
Ask the pharmacist which is the best to use, they will certainly advise you.
Some people will swear that if you use a body cleanser, one that will rid your body of toxins or a general colon cleaning will rid you of allergies.
There is a connection between the breathing and the digestive systems in our bodies.
If you choose to go this route, it can't hurt you and it just might work.
When doing the colon cleansing, be sure to follow with the liver cleansing, as the liver holds and then gets rid of the toxins.
Another allergen that can do a lot of harm is black mold, or any color of mold.
It can be found in your bathroom, the tiles in the shower, on the floor, a blocked gutter, water stains, and even house plants.
Many people are allergic to house plants of all kinds, so remove them and see it that works, it will sometimes.
Of course you have the pet dander that is every where and can be hard to control but it can be done.
Vacuum everything, at least twice a week, this cuts down on all the flying hair, we love our pets but they can do us some harm if we have allergies.
Get all the sunshine you can get into your home, especially in the bedrooms.
Dust mites can lead to allergies and they do not like the sun.
Wash the bed linen at least once a week and keep your home airy, letting in as much air as you can.
There is hope for allergy suffers; you just will have to do some research to see which is best for you and your loved ones.
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