Personalized Gifts for Music Lovers

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    Autographed Memorabilia

    • Although it can be difficult to get a famous musician's autograph personalized to your music lover, just giving the autograph shows that you know and care about which musicians your music lover follows. One way, of course, is to attend a concert and attempt to go backstage for the autograph. The easier way is to buy the autograph at an online memorabilia site. At the I Rock N Roll web site, you can find autographed backstage passes, albums, sunglasses worn by the artists, signed guitars and guitar picks, concert programs and ticket stubs. There's even microphones and posters, some from bands that are no longer performing.

    Musical Instruments

    • If your music lover is also a musician, then you can buy her musical instruments and have her name engraved or painted on the instrument. Have an artist make her instrument unique and a work of art, surrounding her name with a motif that's personal to her. If roses are her favorite flower, then the artist might surround her name and cover the base of the instrument with a climbing rose vine. Or for a more reserved look, mount a brass name plate to personalize the gift. Include special information, such as the date commemorating the gift or perhaps the event or reason for the gift. If the musician has a nickname, add that to the plate, too.

    CDs and Videos

    • For a very personal gift, put together a mix CD of your music lover's favorite songs. If you don't have all his favorite songs, you can often find them at sites like iTunes. You can create a CD cover just for him, using most image-editing software. Alternatively, instead of a CD, think DVD, and create a music video for your music lover. With software like Windows Movie Magic you can take home videos of your music lover and put them together with some of his favorite music. Once you've burned the DVD, print a cover with his picture, using a few effects, and you'll have a very personalized gift.

    Original Music

    • For something original and personalized, you can have a song custom-written for your music lover at an online site. The Song Legacy site promises completely original lyrics, written especially for the person you have in mind, in whatever mood you wish, be it romantic, humorous or serious. Song Legacy will use information you provide to capture the person's life in lyrics and write the song in any style favored by your music lover. Professional graphics will be included on the music sheets and the CD jacket cover.

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