Network Marketing Prospecting Might Literally Be Ruining Any Chances for You to Sponsor More Reps

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If you want to have the advantage when network marketing prospecting and avoid the mistakes and pitfalls then you'll want to read this article.
Specifically we'll discuss the Prospecting Pitfalls and mistakes to be aware of.
After reading this article, you should be able to plow through the errors and make calls properly and get the edge.
There are four qualities the prospect must possess that will help you recruiting more effectively.
Coachability: • They must have a great attitude because it will determine their success or failure • It's a relationship between business and people, therefore you must like working with them • Resources, connections and commitment from them might fail if they aren't coachable Credibility: • connect with people that are the centers of influence such as doctors, pastors, brokers because you can borrow their credibility and work with their connections • Take time to develop these relationships and you'll open the floodgates of very savvy people who are centers of influence • Know that it'll be difficult, but in the end it'll be worth hundreds of new reps in your downline Commitment: • Successful people make quick decisions and change their minds slowly • Understand the law of the harvest because to succeed in network marketing they'll need a high level of commitment • You'll know the level of commitment by what they do and not what they say.
If they attend training, follow the marketing plans and call you for 3 way calls...
then you'll know that they are committed Cash money: • If you've ever made an awesome presentation and the prospect says they agree and like everything about the presentation but they don't have the money, or they'll join you in a few weeks or next month or whenever, then move on because you haven't fully qualified them Once you know what to look for in a potential partner, it will help to avoid the pitfalls.
Network marketing prospecting is an art and not a science.
If you apply the wrong strategies and still have some success, this can create a false sense of security that will result in falling prey to these 3 prospecting pitfalls.
Buying leads from a lead company.
• these companies can build up the quality of their leads without solid proof • These leads are purchased in bulk quantities from wholesale lead brokers.
• Lead brokers will sell the same leads to several different customers Sponsoring friends and family • some people will alienate their warm market and they will end up avoiding you • just because you're close to them doesn't mean they have the same entrepreneurial spirit as you • it's better to sample them so that way they'll ask about your products, and then your opportunity Time and effort spent prospecting unmotivated individuals.
• Some people lack the desire to do what it takes to make a network marketing business work • Those people will not admit to a lack of motivation • They will consume a lot of your time before you determine that they are not suitable candidates for your business Once they demonstrate initiative in the sponsoring process then pursue them because it's worth it.
And that should do it.
Know what to look for in a potential prospect and spend time doing the proper income producing activities and you'll achieve success in your prospecting.
Now get out there, call your leads and sponsor more reps.
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