Police light bars are an important unit of police lights

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These light bars are variously shaped and will have a minimum of two colors, red and blue, and may also have other colors like yellow, amber, and transparent light. These police lights may also be fitted with halogen bulbs, xenon tubes, reflectors and rotators, all of which aid policemen significantly in the discharge of their duties. The bright and blinking lights of police vehicles are today synonymous with law enforcement. Besides their guns and batons, lights are something that defines police separately from ordinary people. Their blinking car lights, and the revolving red lights on the roof of their cars during emergencies, are police lights that everybody recognizes nowadays.

police lights in the form of tactical torches are indispensable for night patrolling policemen. Even during their daytime duties, visiting dark alleys and other insufficiently lit areas is the routine cross of policemen and for this they need lights that are high powered. All police lights are essentially battery powered and duty policemen continuously ensure that the batteries are fully charged and that all the lights that they use are functional in their maximum capacities.

An important category of police lights is what is known as police light bars. These light bars, used for flashing differently colored lights, are used variously by the police as a warning signal as in the case of the red light, or as a signal of arrival as in the case of a blue light. A police light bar, which is one of the very common police lights, may typically have four light colors namely red, blue, yellow, and the transparent light. Another combination in which a police light bar is available could be in red, blue, amber, and transparent, together with xenon tubes.

Some light bars which are typical police lights will also be equipped with rotators that can turn the lights in different directions and may also have inbuilt speakers. Rotation angle for most of these police lights are 360o to ensure the focusing of light in all directions. Many of the police light bars typically have four rows. Some police light bars come in just two colors, blue and red, but these police lights will be equipped in addition with a strobe light and a main LED light. In shape they may be rectangular or V shaped. Halogen bulbs, reflectors, and light control boxes are some of the other accessories for police lights that will be included in police light bars.

police lights, like some other police gear, are not the prerogative of policemen alone. Emergency vehicles and long distance vehicles like trucks extensively use police light bars. Towing companies are also in need of these police lights for their operations. Standard configurations of police light bars and other lights are sufficient for most of the purposes of police and other agencies. Still, as in pretty much everything else, a high level of customization is possible with police lights also.

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