Top Five Documentaries of All Time

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Though the delirious plot inventions of Hollywood's elite writing squads generally provide the gravitational pull that draws moviegoers to the cinema (and $ to the box-office), every once in a while it dawns on producers and directors that reality also has its fair share of moving and compelling stories to tell.
Thus, from time to time society is lavished with another entry into the documentary genre, and the story of one reduced group of people is exposed for all of humanity to soak up and consider.
Though seldom attracting the kind revenues which its arrogant sibling-genres rake in, documentaries, when done right, remain in the mind and the subconscious of the viewer far longer than any corny action or comedy flick.
Here we have a list of five of the best documentaries produced in television history; the criteria are highly personal, so there is room for disagreement! 1)Hoop Dreams:this inspirational documentary recounts the story of two aspiring basketball players from their beginnings in the ghetto to their eventual success in the professional sports arena.
The resonance that the movie had with the American public when it was made was so tremendous that it will forever be a classic.
2)Bowling for Columbine:Michael Moore was rocketed to new heights based on the amount of money it brought in and the viewership which it garnered in the US and around the world.
The movie marked a before and an after in documentary film making.
The treatment that Moore gave to a very serious and heavy subject earned him the adulation of the general public.
3)Winged Migration: this nature documentary is simply breath-taking.
The unprecedented quantity of hours logged to create this movie yielded a truly unique product; the camera shots that are achieved are spectacular-and ought to be seen on an HD set, as the filming was done in high definition-and the excellent chronicling of our avian friends' lives is a curious yet poignant avenue for exploring the issue of our impact on the planet and the importance of ecological preservation.
4)An Inconvenient Truth: despite the speculation that this documentary would be spoiled by the political affiliations of its narrator, upon release it showed nothing other than the highest degree of excellence in reporting on one of the world's most imminent problems.
A fine piece of work, no matter which side of the environmental debate you choose to be on.
5)Salesman: a heart-wrenching and bizarre tale of door-to-door salesmen selling pricey Bibles to poor Catholics and the ensuing moral issues which haunted them.
This old classic earns its place in this list because, despite the passage of time, the introspection and healthy debate which this kind of movie produces in society is timeless and priceless.
There you have it, my own personal favorites.
Surely there are many more deserving titles, for in a genre like this one, which delves into such important topics, it is difficult to say which issues are more important than others.
Hence my attempt to showcase a few different issues in my list.
All of these documentaries are still shown, some more than others, at times on broadcast but more likely on cable or satellite TV.
Check them out!
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