Different Signs of Diabetes In Women - What You Do Not Know Can Kill You

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Diabetes can be dangerous to health risks for everyone, but women in their particular risk of developing diabetes is called gestational diabetes. Ethnic women, including African American, Native American, Asian Pacific Islander, Hispanic, the risk is even greater. Actually ethical women with diabetes rate is almost twice that of Caucasian women. Gestational diabetes is said to be 50 to 80% of African Americans then any other ethnic group. These figures are alarming, but there are different signs of diabetes in women, which can help women discover the beginning of the disease and live a healthy lifestyle.

One of the main sign of diabetes in women is a huge thirst. This is not your ordinary I'm really thirsty, and I need a drink now type of thirst. It's "I can not get enough to drink, no matter what I do, even if I drank a lake-type thirst.

Another sign of diabetic women are really tired. Not just a little run down, but can not keep your eyes open tired "She is tired, that you felt immediately after their first baby in the wee hours of the night when you have not slept in days. It's that kind of tired.

Signs of diabetes in women as well as abnormal weight. It is most commonly seen in women with type one juvenile diabetes mellitus. Because the body can not make the right amount of insulin distribution of food, there is not enough sugar into the bloodstream and the result is weight loss.

On the other end of the spectrum, the exceptional weight gain during the second or third trimester of pregnancy may be a sign of gestational diabetes.

If you find yourself using the restroom a lot, it may be because diabetes affects your kidneys. You have to watch because of too much urine can tell you that you have too much sugar in your blood.

Other signs of diabetes in women are vision problems such as blurred vision and feeling of loss of hands and feet. Blurred vision is the result of damage to blood vessels, and the feeling that the hands and feet of the loss is due to a lack of circulation and nerve damage because of the blood sugar.

In addition, due to the lack of circulation, you may find that if you have a sore, it does not heal as quickly as it would if you did not have diabetes. It is common, but it is a definite sign of diabetes in women.

Diabetes is not ideal, but it does not affect your life, how to become, how do you set yourself a point. You are a person who has diabetes, not diabetes. All of this perspective.

There are many ways to treat diabetes. You should always follow your doctor's advice if you have to take insulin, but eating right and exercise are your first line of defense in the fight against this disease. There is also a product called Syntra 5 have been found to naturally lower blood sugar up to 107 points in just 90 days. Anyone who uses it to experience the blood sugar levels drop. Along with diet and exercise 5 Syntra can make life with diabetes easier than ever.

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