How to Make Killer Trash Can Punch

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    • 1). Clean out the trash can or the large container using the paper towels. Make sure to remove any stickers or labels from the inside of the container if this is the first time you are using the container. Avoid using any harsh chemicals to clean your container.

    • 2). Place the trash can or container in the location where you would like the punch to be for the entirety of the party. The container will be heavy once you fill it with liquid, so do not attempt to move the punch around after making it.

    • 3). Empty the vodka, Everclear and fruit punch into the trash can. Stir the liquids together until they are thoroughly combined.

    • 4). Prepare the fruit for your trash can punch. Cut the ends off of the oranges but do not remove the rinds. Cut the oranges into slices that are a approximately 1/4 inch in width. Cut each of the slices into four quarters, creating bite-size pieces that party goers can eat as they drink their punch. Cut the watermelon into bite-size pieces. Unlike the oranges, remove the entirety of the rinds as these do not provide any flavor to the punch. Remove the rind and the core of the pineapple using your large serrated knife. Cut the pineapple into bite-size pieces. Do not cut or defrost the frozen berries.

    • 5). Add the cut fruit pieces to the punch mixture and stir the entire mixture. The longer the fruit sits in the punch, the more flavor it will give to the punch. The fruit will also soak up the alcohol, making it a yummy treat when you drink your punch later.

    • 6). Thirty minutes prior to the start of the party, add the frozen berries and the entire bag of ice to the punch. Stir the punch to bring it to a cold temperature.

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