Sun Leo with Mars Taurus

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With Mars Taurus and your Sun sign Leo, yes you're earthy, but it's spiced with a flair for the dramatic. You've got leaves in your hair, but they're gilded ones. Using casual touch you engage your whole body in outrageous flirtations. You're sexually confident, and go for the grand displays of public affection. A sexy lover's wandering hands show the world a glimpse of what you enjoy behind closed doors.

The first moments of intimacy with a new lover crackle like a campfire. Your libido burns with intensity, but you've got a cautious reserve, too. This gives your courtship a rhythm of charge and retreat. You like the thrill of sharing new sights and sounds with your beloved. With sensual Mars in Taurus, trying exotic cuisine or sampling fine wines appeals to your refined palate.

In private, you're quite playful, even an exhibitionist. Your regal air is undiminished by a lack of clothing. It's endearing how you walk around skyclad, proud of your body. The ideal lover adores your nakedness and is also comfortable in their skin.

You prefer the wholesome and naturally adorned. All-natural erotic oils, for a start, add to the pleasure of a loving massage. Organic fabrics in the boudoir are preferred to anything synthetic. Colorful summer fruits like grapes by the bedside double the pleasure.
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