Wedding Dresses: The 5 Golden Rules To Choose Your Wedding Dress Without All The Stress!

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Yes! He finally asked you to marry him.
You are now wearing a pretty and shiny engagement ring, and after the tears of joy and the'yes' whispered in a trembling voice, you come back to your senses.
You visualize the guests, the dinner, the venue...
And your main concern, the gown! Whichever style you choose, be it traditional, modern or eccentric, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing from wedding dresses for your perfect day.
  • Be comfortable! You will most likely have to wear the dress all day long, so choose a design that makes you feel confident.
    Don't wear anything that makes you feel uneasy, listen only to yourself when comes the time to judge how a dress looks on you.
    You could regret any choice that was not completely yours, and you don't want this to happen.
    Never forget that your confidence will make you shine in any situation!
  • Don't be afraid to actually try different gowns in different shops, even if you know you won't buy in those shops.
    Listen to the professional advice of the shop lady, she will probably be able to give you ideas, while letting you take the final decision.
    Jump in the dress, move in the dress, dance in the dress, don't be shy.
    It has to resist any situation!
  • Ask a good and trustworthy friend to come along and take pictures of you as you're doing your own remake of « Pretty woman ».
    This step is very important, it will avoid hasty decisions and you will have the chance to look at yourself through an honest eye.
    It will also allow you to find similar dresses to the ones you liked for a cheaper price, on the internet for example.
  • Take your time, given you have time.
    Some of you might want to get married very fast before he changes his mind and comes back to reality, but most of you will have at least a year to prepare the wedding.
    Don't rush, take your time.
    Don't order the dress too early, as you might gain or lose weight in those stressful times, or just change your mind.
    After all, you're a woman.
    Don't order it too late, as you might have to choose a model that was not exactly the one you were dreaming of to begin with.
    Specialists advise to wait until six months prior to the wedding.
  • Don't underestimate the power of accessories! No need to spend a lot on them.
    My friend's wedding earrings cost...
    just 1 euro.
    And everybody thought they were absolutely gorgeous! Choose them in accordance with your dress of course, and go crazy! Why not wear a white feathers necklace to match the white and delicate feathers on your veil? Or those enchanting butterfly body jewels on your neck?
Overall, remember to have fun! The wedding day is yours, completely yours, and so is your dress.
Remember as well that there are ways to save a lot on the dress.
You can, for instance, shop on the Internet and save money over shopping in town!
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