Games That Are Allowed to Be Played at School

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    Once Upon a Mad Libs Junior

    • "Once Upon a Mad Libs Junior" prompts the player to select from lists of nouns, adjectives, verbs and body parts. These lists feature fairy tale words, such as "sword," "brave" and "wicked." Once the player has selected his words, they're scrawled into a fairy tale for him to read. He can replay the game as many times as he likes, and so long as he varies the words, the end result will also change. "Once Upon a Mad Libs Junior" encourages children to read by making stories fun and interactive.

    The Shapes and Colors Train

    • "The Shapes and Colors Train" helps children master shapes and colors. A train conductor needs the player to attach the cars of his train to the engine. They go in a particular order, and he prompts the player to click on particular cars with comments like "Attach the triangle." The game has three modes of play. In the first mode, players must identify shapes. In the second, they identify colors. In the third, they combine both shape and color. This game has the most to offer in a Kindergarten setting.

    Edwin van Moon: Balloon Tycoon

    • In "Edwin van Moon: Balloon Tycoon," players help Edwin navigate the world. He has a passport which fits up to sixteen stamps, and he wants to fill it up. At the start of the game, he asks the player to guide him to a randomly selected country. Using the mouse, the player then guides the balloon to its destination. Along the way, Edwin shares facts about the country, such as its capital or its significance in world history. Once they arrive, he asks the player to navigate to a new nation. Player must already be familiar with the countries of the world to win this game. Alternatively, teachers can provide a map.

    Typing Ninja Hunter

    • "Typing Ninja Hunter" helps students master the skill of typing. They assume the role of a ninja defending a sacred temple from an enemy clan. Over the tops of the enemies' heads are words. By typing these words, the player kills them. "Typing Ninja Hunter" starts out slow with three and four letter words, but as the game progresses, the words get longer and the number of enemy ninjas increases. Periodically, new types of enemy ninjas appear, adding variety to the game. "Typing Ninja Hunter" even features boss battles, which temporarily change the rules of combat.

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