DIY Bench With Storage

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    • 1). Cut the 3 by 1 lumber into nine pieces at 16 inches; six pieces at 60 inches; and one piece at 14 inches.

    • 2). Cut the ½-inch plywood into a base piece of 60 by 16 inches; front and back panels at 61 by 16 inches; and two side panels of 18 by 16 inches. Cut the ¾-inch plywood into a lid piece at 61 by 19 inches.

    • 3). Assemble the 16- and 60-inch planks into three frames. Each frame should contain three 16-inch planks, evenly spaced vertically; and two 60-inch planks horizontally spanning the ends of the 16-inch planks. Nail the frames together with two nails per 16-inch plank end--a total of 12 nails per frame.

    • 4). Position one frame flat on the work surface, 16-inch planks facing down. Position the base piece of plywood over the top and nail in place along the 60-inch planks.

    • 5). Abut the remaining two frames, 16-inch planks facing inward, vertically along the 60-inch side of the base. Clamp in place then nail the frames to the base piece.

    • 6). Center the side panels of plywood over the ends of the base and the sides of the vertical frames. The ends of the plywood should form a corner with the ends of the frames. Nail in place through the plywood into the base as well as at the abutting sides of the frames.

    • 7). Position the front and back plywood panels over the vertical frames of the bench. These panels should extend over the ends of the side panels, forming the final corner. Nail in place through the panels into the vertical frames and the ends of the plywood side panels. This completes the box of the bench.

    • 8). Slide the remaining 14-inch 3 by 1 plank into the top of the box, on center. It should fit between the vertical frames and be flush with the top of the box; this is the center support. Nail in place using the 3-inch nails.

    • 9). Center the piano hinge along one long edge of the lid. Screw in place. Center the lid over the back of the box and screw in the remaining portion of the hinge; the lid should be flush with the back and sides and have a 1-inch lip at the front.

    • 10

      Fill the nail holes with wood putty and let dry. Sand the entire storage bench then varnish or paint as desired.

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