How to Grow Fiesta Daisies

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    • 1). Fill pots or containers that have drain holes with all-purpose potting soil. Set the filled pots on a tray. Moisten the soil by adding water until the water comes out of the drain hole.

    • 2). Sprinkle several fiesta daisy seeds on the surface of the moist soil. The seeds do not need to be buried or covered with soil.

    • 3). Set the tray with planted pots in a well lit window that will have a consistent temperature of around 70 degrees F. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy while the seeds are germinating. Germination will take between one to three weeks.

    • 4). Continue to keep the soil moist as the fiesta daisy seedlings grow.

    • 5). Transplant the seedlings into your garden three weeks after the last frost of spring. Space the seedlings 12 to 16 inches apart in well draining, loamy soil. Fiesta daisies prefer to grow in sunny locations with pH neutral to slightly alkaline soil.

    • 6). Add a hand trowel of well-rotted manure around the base of the plant mid-summer. This is the only feeding fiesta daisies require.

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