Mindset, Basketball, and Cars

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Shifting Mindset.
Only half way through a video I am watching with Tony Robbins.
I must stop to write what more I have learned, and most importantly confirmed in my mind: Your Thoughts and Mindset is the most important thing in your life.
I'll explain the story.
A group of basketball players wanted to find out how and why players "choked" at the free-throw line.
So they set up three groups to test.
One group practiced shooting free-throws everyday for six weeks.
The second group did nothing for six weeks.
The third group mentally "practiced" in their mind, visualizing each perfect free-throw.
The group that performed the best after the six weeks: The third group who practiced the free-throw shot in their mind.
The human mind is incredibly powerful.
What we as individuals feed it depends on how well it operates.
For example; at birth we are all born with the same biomechanics of a mind.
Not just any ole mind, but we are given the Ferrari, Cadillac, Rolls Royce, top of the line mind.
The Difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how their minds have been programmed or "operated" since birth.
If you take a Ferrari and run old crappy regular unleaded gasoline in it for 10-20-30-to 40 years, I'm sure the engine will never run right, if even make it past 20 years.
I drive a 17 year old Chevy truck with well over 200,000 miles.
To start out this truck was never a Ferrari, but great to almost perfect maintenance, I even run premium in her now and then, and the truck runs and drives like it did right off the lot.
Point is, and I'm going to be blunt, Fill the mind with CRAP, Mind puts out CRAP.
Fill the mind with Greatness, mind puts out Greatness.
No Joke, deal with it weather you like it or not.
That is the simple key to anything in life.
Slam, Drive, Beat, Knock anything you want to become true in your life into your mind enough, on a consistent daily basis, and eventually you'll get it.
If you're CERTAIN you CAN, Then you can.
You need to believe enough, to become
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