BrainWave Entrainment - What it is and How it Works

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Brainwave entrainment is a relatively new technology that uses binaural beats to change the frequency of your brainwaves.
Why do you want to do that? Well, throughout each day we all go through several states of consciousness, especially when falling asleep or waking up.
When we are in a sleep state our body rejuvenates itself, depending on what state the brain is in.
During these different states various hormones are released.
By targeting disorders such as insomnia with this technology you can successfully train your brain to sustain various pre tested scientifically proven states, in order to balance hormonal the release.
This results in an astounding ability for the user to access a cure to many problems, without the side effects, and on going need for medication.
For example, when you fall asleep, you go from being awake, through alpha and theta, to delta, the sleep state.
Brainwave entrainment gives you laser access to any one of these states.
It works like this...
If you strike a tuning fork and then hold a second tuning fork next to the first, it will start to resonate at the same frequency as the first.
So, by listening to a series of tones at the same frequency as your brainwaves and then changing those tones, your brain follows and changes frequency also.
By using stereo headphones or speakers the pulses in each ear are sometimes different and they phase out of sync in certain areas, which helps to allow each sound wave to wrap around your skull to fully change your brainwaves.
Currently, this technology is being used for everything from Anxiety to ADHD and even stroke recovery.
Recently there are some physicians offering sessions in an office setting.
Many physician's advocate it'sease of application and dynamic results.
The downside of going this route, is that it may be cost, and time prohibited for anyone with a busy schedule, or without limitless resources.
The developers of the technology have made it available to holistic practitioners for over 15 years.
Those who have been using it, and supporting it's development over the verification process, have designed and developed many alternative and innovative ways to make it available to the you.
This is the most convenient and affordable option.
Many professional athletes and high profile professionals have been utilizing this safe option for peak performance over the years during it's infancy, in order to gain the high levels of achievement it produces.
The simplest way to get it, is through the individual session format.
These are easy to use, predesigned mp3 downloads that target specific disorders and areas of personal development.
Such as laser learning for studying or creative brainstorming.
The next option is available for those with more time and money to invest in learning about it.
You can getaccess by either purchasing the software, or obtaining one of the machines developed.
These are called sight-sound machines, they are about the size of a walkman that are just for brainwave entrainment.
They usually include glasses that flash pulses of light in sync with the binaural beats of the brain entrainment.
You can personalize your session by getting trained in the use of biofeedback techniques or what some call self hypnosis techniques, in order to enhance the applications your self.
It takes a little more time, effort and dedication to learn about it, but it is a suitable option for those with a strong passion for self help.
Since the research is in, and it's effects are now validated you will be hearing more about it as word spreads over the internet and it's popularity gains momentum, due to it's great effects.
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