Easy Fixes for Old Bathrooms

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    Toilet Repairs

    • An old toilet can develop a problem or two over time. It can become leaky because the seals have failed. To determine the exact location of the leak, mop up the water around your toilet, and then wait for the new puddle to form. The leak is at the spot where the puddle's developing. Simply tighten the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor.

      If the toilet is constantly running, lift the lid, and make sure that the guide rod and chain haven't eroded. If they have, replace them. If the floating ball is not on top of the water, twist the guide rod or chain until the ball floats.

    Tile Painting

    • Tired of looking at your old bathroom but unable to pay for a more expensive renovation? Tile painting can cheaply change the look of your bathroom while also giving your bathroom a unique touch. Use satin, semi-gloss or gloss paint to prevent peeling. Before painting, sand the tiles, and apply a layer of primer.

    Feature Replacement

    • One of the cheapest changes you can make is swapping the shower head. Twist the old shower head off, and apply sealant tape over the fitting before screwing the new shower head on. Other cheap additions include a new toilet seat, a new pedestal sink and new faucet and cabinet handles. Your faucet and cabinet-handle options include brass, brushed nickel, stainless steel, chrome, copper and pewter.

    Floor Covering

    • To give your bathroom a new look, simply add vinyl flooring on top of your present floor. This is much easier than ripping up and replacing worn-down tiles.

    Color Splashes

    • Bathrooms that look very dated sometimes need only a new splash of color. Shower mats and curtains cost little and can quickly brighten up the room. Add new artwork that picks up the colors.

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