Project Management Outsourcing: Online Tools To Help Maximize Time And Productivity

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Companies who venture ­in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry face unique challenges when it comes to organizing, planning, and managing clients, service providers, and projects. Working remotely in an offshore setup requires effective project management skills, strategies and tools. Starting out with ordinary filing system might work for the first client or two, but using more modern tools when handling multiple projects at the same time might be more sensible, not to mention easier and less time-consuming.

Nowadays, there are a lot of project management tools and software all over the internet to help virtual collaboration among business process outsourcing companies, clients, and service providers become more organized and efficient. These online tools provide more features and flexibilities  than just your typical email client, calendar support, or task notification. But which ones are really efficient and worth spending time and even a few bucks on? Here are some online project management tools to help maximize time and increase business productivity:

  1. Manymoon – is an online collaborative task management app that supports unlimited users  and is easily integrated with Google Calendar and Google Docs. The user-friendly web interface lets users create projects, assign tasks, and even track progress.

  2. Huddle – is a cloud-based collaboration and content management platform that helps you run projects simply and efficiently in a secure online place or manage files of any type or size to other people from any device.  

  3. 5pm – 5pm ( is an intuitive web based project management  tool that is used to track how far a business is with their projects. Keeping track of a certain project does not require logging in on a computer as it is readily available on mobile phones.

  4. CoMindWork – is a customizable project management suite for knowledge-intensive collaboration. It helps businesses track the progress of their projects, as well as giving clients the details of how long before it will be finished.

  5. ProWorkflow – is a project management software that is also a workflow and time tracking application. It can keep accurate time-tracking records and even has an iphone app so businesses can manage their projects on the go.

These are just a fraction of the many online project management tools available on the internet to make business process outsourcing management system more efficient and effective and  stay connected to one another. Which ones have you already used? Did they help you stay productive and organized? What features do you like best or least about it? Share with us your thoughts and recommendations!
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