Mickelson Takes the Honours at Castle Stuart

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Castle Stuart did not disappoint spectators, with some thrilling performances on this iconic and prestigious Highlands course. The weather was perfect for a weekend of championship golf en route The Open at Muirfield. The final day however saw the wind pickup and the scores become more conservative than earlier in the championship.

At the end of four intensive days of golf it was Mickelson and Grace tied for the lead on 17 under and pushing the match into a play-off. Mickelson, who had earlier wobbled on the course but had finished strong went into the play-off high on confidence as the world number 8 looked to finish strong ahead of Muirfield later this week.

Mickelson triumphed at the first chance with a birdie as a result of a masterful chip close to the pin giving him the edge over his rival who was unable to match the tenacity of the world number 8.

With the Scottish Open last weekend and The Open this coming weekend, it amounts to a lot of golf which can lead to overuse injuries for some of the players. Golf injuries relating to overuse or over playing can affect both professionals and amateurs alike, with one of the most common forms of injury being golfers elbow.

Golfers elbow is a condition affecting the inner side of the elbow, causing inflammation and reduced mobility of the arm. It can be quite painful and best course of treatment is rest and to use ice to manage the inflammation. Professional golfers are probably more susceptible to the condition simply because they play more golf, though some professionals opt to wear specific sports braces to help manage the condition.

As well as elbow injuries, golfers are susceptible to an array of upper arm injuries, including wrist injuries and shoulder injuries. Both of these golf injuries can put a player out of action as joint issues can be very painful and limit movement. The severity of the condition can affect the rehabilitation available, from rest to surgery, and if in any doubt you should seek a professional opinion from a clinician.

Golf injuries are not just limited to the joints, with many players experiencing muscle problems and back injuries as a result of continuous play. Severe back injuries can be debilitating and stop you from getting up or getting in the car, let alone playing a round of golf. Minor sprains can be exacerbated through playing sport as golf require a great deal of rotation of the hips and back and the force of taking a shot can be enough to push a player to overstretch a muscle.

The main thing to remember when playing any sport is to know your limits and try and not overdo it. When you are playing golf there is always the temptation to put that extra bit of power on a shot and this tends to be a trigger for golf injuries. If you do feel you pulled or strained something then continuing to play may make it worse, so be sensible and take a rest.
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