How to Make a Cork Board Shoji Screen

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    • 1). Unroll a corkboard roll and use a utility knife to cut six equal pieces in the height you want the shoji screen. Trim the width if desired, although cork board rolls are usually an acceptable width for a room divider.

    • 2). Measure the width and height of one of the cork board pieces and write the numbers down. Cut three pieces of corrugated cardboard in the exact sizes of the cork board pieces. This forms a lightweight core for the panels.

    • 3). Cover the pieces of cardboard with a layer of adhesive and press the pieces of corkboard into place, lining them up evenly. Roll over the surface with a clean glue roller to remove any air bubbles or creases in the corkboard. Turn the cardboard panels over and attach the remaining pieces of corkboard.

    • 4). Form the frames for each shoji screen panel using wood that is 1 inch wide. Cut 12 pieces of wood in the height of the panels, minus 2 inches to form the sides of the panel frames. Cut 12 pieces of wood to the width of the panels to form the top and bottom of the panel frames.

    • 5). Apply a line of wood glue to the back of the top and bottom pieces. Press into place along the tops and bottoms of each of the corkboard panels.

    • 6). Apply a line of wood glue to the panel side pieces and press into place along the edges, between the top and bottom wood pieces. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

    • 7). Turn the panels over and repeat the process of gluing the wood frame onto the other side. Allow an overnight drying time.

    • 8). Line three panels up on a flat surface such as the floor or large work table. Screw four hinges into place into the wood frame. Place the bottom hinges approximately 1 foot up from the panel bottoms, where the center and left panels meet and the center and right panels meet. Attach the top hinges approximately 1 foot down from the top to complete your corkboard shoji screen.

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