Digital Video Editing - Not Just For The Professional Editor Anymore

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Digital video editing no longer just belongs to the realm of specialized video editors, thanks to the availability of computers and camcorders. Until recently, if someone needed to design a compilation from a video collection, it would have been necessary to hire a professional editor. Thanks to the technology available at present, you have the ability to edit your own videos using the correct equipment, which is readily available as long as you know exactly what that equipment should be.

The very first thing you want for great digital video editing is a good camcorder. One should find a model that includes optical stabilization; it is an option that keeps the image from becoming shaky. This happens automatically inside the camera automatically and is a feature that only comes with the higher end cameras. For editing purposes, you will certainly want a camcorder that supports FireWire output and input. Now if the camcorder doesn't include this, then you are simply wasting your time and money.

The other essential tool required for editing is a PC. If you want the ability to turn out really great videos, then your computer needs a minimum of thirty GB of available space. It allows you to create a video that will last about one hour. In addition, an eight megabyte graphics card is needed to ensure crisp and clean video quality. All you need for your personal computer is the correct video editing software installed. Doing some research, one is sure to discover many quality choices available in the current market.

If you actually take part in the digital video editing process, then you are controlling how your precious memories will be shown rather than letting someone else make the decisions. The process can become easier, especially if you have the correct tools. This would mean one of the numerous digital video recorders, a good PC, as well as top notch PC software. Having these items, an individual can make memories that last a lifetime.
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