Want to Increase Your Roth IRA Rate of Returns?

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Your Roth IRA rate of returns depends on your investment choices.
Your Roth IRA income limit, on the other hand, depends on the tax year and your filing status.
If you make the safest choices, your Roth IRA rate of returns will be in the "lowest" percentile.
For example, the only guaranteed investment types are those insured by the FDIC.
So, the safest choice is a certificate of deposit.
But, if you put all of your money into CDs, then your Roth IRA rate of returns would be no more than 5.
12%, no matter how much you invested or for how long.
The highest yield CDs are for 5 year jumbos, a minimum $100,000 deposit.
The lowest yield depends on the bank, but around 3% on a $1000 investment.
Perhaps you would like to consider something better.
The Roth IRA income limit for individual filers in 2007 was $4000 or $5000, depending on your age.
Let's say that you have had the account for a while and so you have a $100,000 balance that you could transfer over to a jumbo CD.
You are considering this option because your stocks are not performing well and you are worried about the future of the market, in general.
You don't know which stocks to buy any more.
The "Big 3" used to be the big performers.
Now, they are losing more money than ever before.
So, to secure and improve your Roth IRA rate of returns, you switch to the CD.
In five years time and the best rate, you will have earned an additional $29,173 in interest.
If, on the other hand, you have some experience or are able to get some education and use that money to invest in real estate, your Roth IRA rate of returns could be much, much higher.
In fact, there is no limit to how much the account could earn in five years.
If you find good investment properties, you could turn that $100,000 into millions.
In one year with one property, one investor made a profit of $145,000.
With your $100,000, it is conceivable that he could have made four of those deals and in five years 20 of them.
Do, the math, it can be mind boggling.
There is no Roth IRA income limit within the account itself.
The account can make millions a year and you will never have to pay capital gains or income taxes, as long as you follow the rules.
The rules are quite simple.
You find out the Roth IRA income limit for the specific tax year.
You are sure to contribute the maximum amount.
You can also roll-over a traditional account into a Roth, no matter how much the traditional account is worth.
Some people are doing that in order to get the tax benefits that apply to each individual account.
There are no tax deductions for Roth contributions, as there are for traditional accounts.
But qualified disbursements are tax free.
Disbursements from traditional accounts are taxed as regular income.
There are other rules and lots more to learn about Roth IRA rate of returns.
This was probably just enough to make you curious about real estate.
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