Products for Cleaning a Jacuzzi Tub

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    Specialty Cleaners

    • Manufacturers suggest using specialty-made products to degrease and disinfect your whirlpool tub. sells Systems Clean. This product is recommended by the Jacuzzi sales group as a safe, effective cleaner. Jacuzzi claims this is the most effective at removing body oils, soap scum and other grime and bacteria that may accumulate in the jets and pump systems. The product retails for approximately $20 for a box of five cleaners. Home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's also sell products specifically for use in jetted tubs.

    Homeowner Cleaning Solutions

    • Many homeowners opt to go the less expensive route and use cleaning agents already in their homes to successfully clean whirlpool tubs. Owners on several how-to sites suggest using a dishwasher detergent with enzyme cleaner, such as Cascade Complete, and ½ cup of bleach to completely clean and disinfect the whirlpool jets.

    Cleaning Process

    • Wipe down the surface with an approved bath cleaner. This could be an over-the-counter product such as Tilex, or a homemade concoction, such as baking soda mixed with Castile soap. Be sure it is a mild abrasive, and use a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scratching the surface of your bathtub. Rinse the cleaning agent from the tub completely.

      When cleaning the Jacuzzi, add warm water to submerse all of the Jacuzzi jets. Jets that are allowed to suck air could be damaged; be sure all are under water before adding a cleaning agent. The cleaner should include a degreaser to remove body oils sucked into the pumping system, as well as a disinfectant to kill bacteria. Run the whirlpool with the air jets fully open for at least 10 minutes. Some experts say 15 minutes is even better to completely remove oils, grime and bacteria.

    Final Rinse

    • Drain the whirlpool tub, then add clear, cold water. Once again, be sure the whirlpool jets are completely submerged. The cold water will not add to the froth from the scrubbing agent, such as Dawn liquid soap, but will rinse the entire system. Let the Jacuzzi jets run another 5 to 10 minutes to thoroughly rinse the pump system.

      Cleaning your whirlpool tub at least twice a month prevents the growth of mold, mildew and bacterial growth. Not cleaning your Jacuzzi tub properly could not only damage the jets, but also cause health problems in those who use the tub.


    • Only use approved bath salts and bath bubbles in your whirlpool tub, as those not specifically formulated for a Jacuzzi may cause damage to the pumps. Low-foaming formulas will not cause damage or build up to the interior of the pump system. Also, do not allow any detergent to sit for more than 15 minutes, as it may damage the finish and the pumping system.

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