How to Get Mildew Off of Siding

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    • 1). Prepare the area to be cleaned. Look around for any plants or bushes that may be damaged by bleach water. Cover anything that could be hurt with a plastic tarp or even old towels. You just want to create a barrier between sensitive plants and the bleach solution.

    • 2). Dress properly. Bleach will ruin your clothing, so be sure to wear old items that you do not mind getting bleach spots on. You should consider wearing long sleeves as well, because bleach can hurt your skin. Remember to wear rubber gloves and protective eye wear.

    • 3). Mix your cleaning solution. Start off with a solution that is one part bleach to three parts water. Test in on small area of your siding to make sure that it does not damage the color. If the solution seems too strong, dilute it with another part water. For cleaning small areas of mildew on your siding, pour the solution into a spray bottle. For larger areas you may want to keep the solution in a bucket.

    • 4). Spray the solution directly onto the mildew or dip your scrubbing brush into the bucket and rub it into the mildew. Let it soak in for a minute or two to break down the mildew. Then scrub the mildew until it dissolves. If it is very stubborn, apply more bleach water to the area.

    • 5). Rinse the area off with clean water from your garden hose. Rinse each area before moving onto the next to prevent the bleach from affecting the color or strength of the siding.

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