Eco Friendly Cookware and Other Green Housewares

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Everyone is looking for ways to "go green" around the house these days, and why not? After all, every little bit helps.
Perhaps you are already recycling as much as you can, have installed energy-saving replacement windows or are turning down the thermostat in the winter time.
Is there anything else you can be doing? The answer is YES! Here are some innovative new housewares ideas that can really make a difference too.
Eco-Friendly Cookware Lots of companies who manufacture so-called "green products" may not be as green as they claim to be.
There are cookware manufacturers out there who truly reduce their carbon footprints not only in their resulting products but also in every aspect of the manufacturing process from start to finish.
Choose a cookware manufacturer that advertises the use of clean hydropower, recycles its waste metal, uses water-soluble compounds and manages its product transportation systems in a manner that promotes low environmental impact.
The cookware itself should contain absolutely no PTFEs or other harmful chemicals that could be released during the cooking process.
Recycled Housewares If you are in the market for new flatware or glassware, there are plenty of products out there that are created from 100 percent recycled materials that are safe, beautiful and highly functional.
Aluminum in particular is an all-purpose metal that is highly recyclable.
Buying recycled housewares as often as possible rather than opting for items created from virgin materials goes a long way toward protecting America's precious natural resources.
You really can make a difference! Becoming an astute eco-shopper will not only fill your house with the essentials you need but will also help you to satisfy your inner "greenness.
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