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How to market your website Your website should not be a passive thing; Web sites should generate activity, and usually do in the form of e-mail.
People see something on the website they want to know more about, they have a question, they want to sign up for something, and they want to let you know immediately! The reply they get, or don't get, will reflect on you and your marketing methods! Respond quickly Responding to e-mail from the website is a vital part of maintaining a successful marketing plan.
Each message received by e-mail should get a reply immediately (within 48 hours/two business days), so the sender knows the e-mail has been received.
This contributes to visitor satisfaction more than any other factor.
Keep it personal Don't do an automated response - an e-mail that gets sent automatically whenever someone e-mails you from your website.
People don't like it, because it further takes the human out of the interaction and can harm your marketing efforts.
Create a file of "standard" replies, so that information given out is uniform.
These replies would probably be similar to the answers to your FAQs (frequently asked questions & their answers) but would have that human touch that is essential to any good marketing scheme.
At the end of every e-mail should be a "signature" indicating the replier's name, along with the e-mail address and website address.
This let's your visitor know that their query has been treated in a personal manner and not just batch processed like some website marketers tend to do.
Privacy Statement A clear privacy statement is one way to build your credibility.
Every commercial web site should have a privacy statement posted on line.
Provide a prominent link to your privacy statement from every page on the site as well as from any location that you are asking your visitors for personal information.
Provide legitimate contact information on line.
Your contact information should include an email address, mailing address, phone number and a fax number, if applicable.
If you are unwilling to provide this information to your customers, how can they trust (or buy from) you? Pay attention to visitor feedback Regularly track responses that result from your website.
It will help you plan strategically for future posts and online activities that will enhance your marketing plan.
You will also want to see which pages are generating the most visits each month.
(your web host will provide you with this report) Offer A Guarantee Offer an ironclad, no exceptions money back guarantee.
This item is really a credibility issue but it is important enough to warrant its own mention.
What better way to establish your customer's trust than to eliminate any risk for them? If the customer sees that your are willing to assume all of the risk, they will immediately be more inclined to trust you.
Make Payment Easy Offer a variety of payment methods for your customer.
If you don't currently take credit cards, start immediately.
You can either set up a merchant account or use one of the many credit card clearing houses.
Take checks on line.
Provide an address for those who prefer to pay by cash, check or money order.
Make sure the payment process is clear, easy to access and intuitive to use.
Eliminate as many steps as possible.
Do not ask for any more information than is necessary to complete the transaction.
Nothing frightens a customer off faster than feeling that their privacy is being invaded.
Summary If you are going to have a successful web business you must consider your visitors needs and sensibilities.
People will more often buy from a trusted friend.
Be your visitors friend and success will follow.
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