What You Need To Know About Changing Adult Diapers

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Whether it is part of your work or whether you need to take care of an incontinent folk with impaired mobility, it is essential to know about tips that will make changing diapers less of a chore than it already is.
Choose the correct size.
If you haven't changed adult diapers before, you might be clueless by even this simple consideration.
Take note that there are different sizes and finding the right diaper size for the person will make your work less difficult.
A tight diaper will be too uncomfortable to wear.
Also, it will be difficult to secure the ends.
While one that is too large might have the same disadvantages.
Know when to change it.
You can avoid sores as well as other problems when you regularly change diapers.
Also, there might be a need to change even if it is not yet time.
You need to be observant and watch out if there is already this need.
You can observe the person for restlessness and it can indicate that the diaper needs to be changed.
Of course, there will be other obvious signs that you can look for.
Practice proper techniques when changing.
If you are doing it alone, changing diapers may be unhelpful for your back and your arms.
However, if you observe a few proper methods, you can reduce strain on these body parts.
Seek the assistance of another person, if possible.
This will reduce further stress and it will make the work lighter as it is shared between the two of you.
Follow these simple steps.
Assuming that the person is lying on a bed, you can have more space to move him or her.
Begin with maintaining proper body mechanics.
As much as possible, you should not bend your back.
Instead, you will use your knees to lower your height, if there is a need.
Then, you do not lift the person but you will gently roll him or her towards the side near you.
After that, it will be easy to fold the diaper.
But, do not pull it out just yet.
After folding the soiled diaper, and after cleaning or administering needed treatments, you can place the clean diaper near the body and fan fold it as well.
Make sure that you clean thoroughly and that you have done what you need to do before you proceed.
Roll over the person to the other side so that you can remove the soiled diaper completely as well as slide and arrange the clean one.
This should finish the task as all you need to do next is to roll the person on his back and secure the diaper.
Ensure safety.
In doing all of the things above, it is of greatest importance that you make sure that the person is free from harm.
The simple task of having to roll over the person can cause you problems.
In hospitals, beds are equipped with side rails for extra protection.
If you are in a home setting, you can use furniture to serve as support for one side of the bed in lieu of side rails.
Since most of the time, situations like these involve older individuals, there should be more care provided in turning the person from one side to the other.
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