How to Remove Rust With Acid Dips

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    • 1). Scoop out 4 oz. of acid crystals or powder for every gallon of water you will be adding. Pour this into your bucket or drum. Oxalic acid does not have the harsh fumes of muriatic acid, but a well -area is still recommended.

    • 2). Pour in 1 gallon of warm or hot water. Stir the crystals until mixed. Add the rest of the water 1 gallon at a time and mix until you have enough of the mixture to completely submerge your metal.

    • 3). Slide your metal into the solution.

    • 4). Soak for 12 hours. Check for remaining rust. If all the rust is gone, remove the metal. If rust remains, leave it in the solution for 12 more hours.

    • 5). Use a pressure washer or pressurized hose to rinse the metal. Make sure to rinse all crevices well.

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