Your Computer Is Infected? Top 10 Warning Signs and Symptoms of a Spyware Infection

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There are many tell-tale signs that your computer may be infected with harmful spyware that can potentially steal personal and financial information.
Here are the top five symptoms that your computer has been infiltrated with spyware.
Unknown Programs on Your Desktop
If there are programs on your desktop that you have never seen before, that have been downloaded and installed without your consent or knowledge, then it's down to spyware taking over your computer.
Usually these programs have explicit or illegal content and it's near impossible to delete them, like you would with a normal program.
Internet Browser Re-Direction
If you're browsing on the internet and the page re-directs to something you didn't select then that's another sign showing that you have spyware.
Normally this happens whilst looking for something in a search engine or when you type an URL into an address bar.
Again normally the unwanted websites that pop-up will have explicit or illegal content.
Slow Performance
If your computer is unusually slow or suddenly slows down dramatically then you could have a spyware infection.
This could mean programs not working properly or not working at all.
This is down to the spyware sucking out the computer's energy, so they can steal information quickly.
Computer Crashes
If your computer unexpectedly or erratically crashes persistently then it may be due to spyware.
This is will normally happens when you try to open up a security program or try to find a solution to fix the spyware problem.
Pop Ups
If you get lots of screens popping up when you're simply on your desktop or in your web browser then you have spyware.
The content is normally illegal or explicit, they want you to click on them as this will allow even more spyware infections.
This problem only gets worse until you cannot use your computer properly anymore.
Fake Alerts and Warnings
If you receive lots of warnings and alerts on your desktop stating you have spyware and that you need to pay for and download a certain program to fix the problem then you have spyware.
They use this technique so once you're infected with spyware, they can deceive you into giving them your financial details and also give you a false anti-spyware program which is just more spyware.
Email Spamming
If your inbox is stuffed with spammy emails then you might have a spyware infection, typically the subject of these emails is illegal or explicit.
Also you may have "sent" lots of emails without your knowledge according to your email but this is just the spyware as well, another give away sign.
Unknown Toolbars
If your internet browser has lots of new toolbars then you may have spyware, they may look cool and have some good features on the surface but they actually log all of your internet movements.
The unknown toolbars will save your internet history and could possibly steal valuable information if you buy something online or look at personal information.
Odd Bookmarks or Favourites
If your normal bookmarks and favourites are replaced by odd, mysterious bookmarks and favourites with enticing titles then you have spyware.
They want you to click on them and become infected with even more spyware, normally the content on the other end of the bookmarks and favourites are illegal or explicit.
Disabled Functions
If you try and open up a program only to be denied access then your infected with spyware.
This disables any functions of your computer in normal mode so you can't remove any infections of spyware or open any programs that can.
The longer spyware is on your computer, the more functions and programs it will disable.
What can I do about it? If you have any of these signs of spyware on your computer then you'll need to download an antispyware program to eradicate the infection and also prevent any future infection.
But where can you find a value for money, effective spyware removal program that you know will work?
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