Employer Branding - Defining your EVP

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If you have completed a thorough Audit and Analysis process as discussed here then you should have an understanding of the following,
  • What your current employer brand stands for
  • What the triggers are for attracting candidates
  • What will motivate your employees to stay with your organisation
  • What the needs are of your current and potential workforce
  • What type of people will ‘fit in’ with your organisation

The next step is to develop your employer brand positioning and define the EVP statements that will improve your appeal to potential recruits and lead to higher levels of employee engagement, retention and brand advocacy.

How to develop your unique employer brand proposition

Utilise the insight and knowledge you have gained from the previous audit and analysis phase as an input into developing your specific employerbrand proposition, keeping in mind your overall strategic core proposition.  We recommend the following steps:
  1. Set your Employer Brand objectives
  2. Define your Target Employee Profile
  3. Develop your Employment Value Proposition (EVP)
  4. Define your Supporting Benefits

Importantly, your EVP must appeal to labour market desires and requirements and attract the right people to your organisation. Remember, it is the promise that your organisation delivers to its employees – that creates an emotional and rational connection between the company and the employee.

Additionally your EVP portrays the value gained through employment in your organisation, and this needs to be unique, realistic and able to be brought to life.

Tips for developing a compelling employer brand

Review the following questions to identify your Employer Brand information gaps:
  1. Has your organisation defined its core proposition, its sense of purpose or big idea?
  2. Have you considered how developing your employer brand will strategically impact on your organisation? – remember employer branding is not just a recruitment exercise!
  3. What kind of people ‘fit in’ at your organisation?
  4. Would your current employees recognise the underlying truth of your EVP claims?
  5. Are your EVP claims clearly unique and do they ‘sell’ your organisation?
  6. Is your EVP package authentic - is your organisation capable of delivering on your EVP promises?

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