Signs Of A Cheating Spouse - The Time Of Their Life

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As you can imagine there have been no shortage of opinions and advice for a certain golfer and his wife about how to handle the infidelity as well as the media spotlight that goes with it.

One that has been garnering some attention comes from psychologist Maryse Vaillant who in her recent book states that,"[Most] don't do it because they no longer love them, on the contrary. They simply need breathing space. For such men, who are in fact profoundly monogamous, infidelity is almost unavoidable".

It is seriously doubtful whether many wives who have been faithful would agree. They are not looking for reasons to condone it but ways to stop it and the signs to look out for.

One of those signs has to do with timing. None of us can be two places at one time so it is vital for the cheating spouse and their partner to coordinate their efforts. And the main component to make sure things go off without a hitch is you.

Just in the normal course of a relationship it is important from time to time to know where your significant other is and what they are doing. With a cheating spouse it is taken to a new and extremely unhealthy level.

During a casual conversation by phone they subtlety reaffirm what your plans are. You confirm those plans without any thought as to why they are asking. Another time they inform you that they have to run an errand. No problem as far as you are concerned but your significant other seems to go out of their way to find out what you are going to be up to now and the near future. Again you offer up the information without any hesitation.

It's all a game. Sometimes they do not need to ask what's on your agenda. Either they already know or you tell them without being prompted. No matter what you have provided the necessary information they needed to coordinate their schedule with yours as well as their extramarital partner.

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