Farmville Review: Are You Making Money with Farmville?

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Facebook is the second most visited website on the Internet today. The power of Facebook to connect with millions as an MLM marketing strategy is phenomenal. Our trainings help countless MLM Marketers and we show them a step-by-step Blueprint to get their MLM home based business off of the Flatline. There are a multitude of marketing techniques out there to master, and the required tools are there, their success is literally a few clicks away.... WHY AREN'T MLM HOME BUSINESS OWNERS MAKING MORE MONEY???

An upset frend on Facebook sent a message to my inbox last week. He claimed that MLM Online Marketing doesn't work, he wasn't getting any traffic and hadn't got one single lead to talk to about his MLM home based business. I took a quick look at his profile page.

It was filled with Farmville.

I've mentioned first impressions before. You only get one opportunity to show that you are a professional and the leadership you offer to your followers. On such huge social networking sites, such as Facebook, everyone is constantly watching. Say I am one of the Million people each week that are trying to research a work from home opportunity and I came across his page, what would I think of him? How likely would I be to begin throwing my hard earned savings into his MLM "opportunity"? Would he be the one I choose to lead me to Online MLM success? Absolutely not.

Farmville has grown faster than any other online game ever, now hosting over 11 Million Farmers in only a few months. We are easily distracted aren't we? Farmville makes its money by selling virtual items it was shocking to find out that last year's virtual item sales of online games had been over $2,000,000,000! So not only are millions spending their time on something that adds nothing to their asset column, but also now they are spending Billions of dollars on it too. Wow.

The only reason people will sign up with you is because you offer them leadership and value. If I see that my leader is spending his time on Farmville, is this individual really able to lead to the top? What can this Networker, that is so obviously wasting time, teach me about a home based business? New Networkers are looking for Mentors that can instruct them what they need to do to create wealth. When you Google Toby & Layla, you will not find any Farms... just pure VALUE.

I asked him, how much time is spent milking cows? How long does it take to tend to your crops? After hours of work on your Farm, what are you getting paid?

The MLM strategies that you'll learn from Toby and I will NOT work themselves while you're tending your sheepwon't generate their own results whilst you tend to sheep. We've told you this several times but we'll tell you once more... You must INVEST your time, not just SPEND it.

If you are ready to properly invest your time into your MLM Home Business and get the results that you deserve, you must begin now.

Toby and I have released the most effective Facebook Marketing Strategies to all of our followers, for FREE. So let's leave the Farm alone and begin to earn real money.
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