5 Reasons Why Holistic Dog Food is Better For Your Pet

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After the series of pet food recalls in recent years, many dog owners are turning to holistic dog food as an alternative to the chemical filled brands that line store shelves.
Is a holistic diet really that much better for dogs, or is it just another marketing ploy? Here are 5 reasons why holistic foods really are better for your pet.
Holistic Dog Food is all-natural.
Most of the brands available today are full of highly processed ingredients, artificial flavorings, colorings, and chemical preservatives.
Many times, even the ingredients that seem natural are sub-standard as well.
When you see meat "by-products" on the label of your pet's food, you need to be aware that this could include diseased organs, cancerous tumors, and other parts that are not fit for human consumption.
If it's bad for you, how can it be good for your dog? 2.
A Holistic Diet can Help Prevent Disease.
Dogs raised on a natural diet are much less likely to develop heart problems, diabetes, certain cancers, and many other degenerative conditions.
A species-appropriate holistic diet has also been shown to strengthen the immune system and increase life expectancy.
Holistic Dog Food is Biologically Appropriate.
Dogs are hunters and scavengers in the wild.
They are carnivores by nature, and the quality of the meat in their diets can greatly affect their overall well-being.
Domesticated dogs must rely on their owners to "hunt" for them, and they eat whatever is provided.
A holistic dog diet provides your pet with fresh, natural foods that are much closer to what your dog would actually eat in the wild.
This helps your dog maintain optimum health.
You Control What your Dog Eats.
One of the best aspects of switching your pet to a natural diet is the control it gives you over what goes into your pet's body.
You can remove all the potentially harmful additives and preservatives from the food your dog eats, and you can choose more healthful alternatives.
If you have a dog with a health issue such as diabetes or arthritis, you may even be able to find a specialized holistic dog food that can help alleviate the condition.
You can Make your Own Dog Food.
There are a number of websites that have great resources on homemade dog food, and many of these include recipes.
Many dog owners have found that cooking for their pets has not only resulted in a healthier, happier dog, but has also strengthened their bond with their pet.
You should always discuss any new foods or recipes with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog's diet.
While there are some great natural dog food products and recipes available, not all of them are nutritionally balanced, and choosing an unbalanced recipe could have serious consequences for your dog's health.
Just as you wouldn't expect a person who eats cheeseburgers every day to be in excellent health, your pet's health is suffering if you are regularly feeding your dog commercial "fast food".
You want your dog to live the longest, healthiest life possible.
Natural dog food ingredients like those found in holistic dog food diets can help you give your pet exactly what he needs to be at his best.
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