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If you have never built a home before, then you may feel somewhat apprehensive and who could blame you? There are many questions to be considered when thinking of building a new home- not least of which is 'how long will it take?' The building industry in Perth has slowed down considerably over the past 12 months; this has had some positive impact in respect to the progress of average construction completion times. The average construction times have come down to approx 26 weeks from slab down; this has dropped from 36-40 weeks that has been experienced in the past few years.

The weather can also play a big part in the construction of housing; the wet weather and the hot sun will affect the progress of the works on your site. The builder and the contractor alike, have their obligations in relation to site safety in the extremes of our weather. There may be times when you visit your home and find that progress may have slowed a little. Relax! There will also be other times, where multiple trades will be on site, advancing the construction times of your home.

With the multiple jobs that building supervisors have under construction at one time they will need to juggle their tradesmen around from job to job, ensuring progress on each site. Good home building companies have loyal, committed and professional sub contractors who they endeavour to keep busy every day on your homes.

A good home building company will also have many procedures in place including computerised job tracking systems, to monitor the construction progress of your new home. These systems will highlight those jobs that need more attention in regards to progress on site.

You should take comfort in the knowledge that it is almost always the builders intention to expedite the construction of your home as quickly as possible, so you can get in your castle and realize your dreams!
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