Renovate Your Kitchen Economically

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Perhaps it is the primal spirit in us, bringing out the homing instinct, but it seems that everyone likes the idea of having a newly renovated kitchen! Experts tell us that it need not cost a lot of money and that it will likely return at least three quarters of it back to you when you sell the home.

While many home-owners can push the kitchen renovating bill up and over the $40,000 mark, it is possible to spend half that. According to Money Magazine, the average kitchen can be renovated for less than $20,000.

This includes new counter tops, a new island, a fitted pantry, new lighting, the latest appliances and refurbished cabinets. Many home-owners do not realize that brand new cabinet doors are fairly inexpensive and almost free of labor costs.

Another option is to have your cabinet doors "re-faced". This entails the removal of your cabinet doors and drawers, a wood veneer is then applied and they are returned to your kitchen.

If spending this $20,000 will, in fact, add an extra $15,000 to the value of your home, then what's holding you back? To bring your kitchen up to date, Money Magazine suggests that a kitchen island and a pantry are the latest 'must-haves' for kitchens.

If you do not have an island, you may wish to consider taking out a wall to make room for one. Perhaps this could be where you would build in a pantry if you do not have a closet that you can convert. If you are not keen to take a whole wall out, take out the section that will allow you to insert an island. It is inexpensive to get a builder to add a reinforced steel beam in the ceiling.

The magazine also suggests that a bland island is unimaginative and that it should serve a secondary function as well as being there for extra counter top space.

Often a small sink or cook top is incorporated into an island. Many families choose an island with a narrow breakfast bar designed on one side and add high stools; this avoids eating in the dining room.

Lighting fixtures fitted underneath the wall cabinets which light up the countertop are a very inexpensive luxury touch. Fluorescent strip lighting is also more economical to run than regular bulbs, so an economical plus.

Unless your home is in the top neighborhood, you will probably not benefit from the high end appliances. However, name brands, warranties, newness and looks all count, but this still keeps you in the medium price range.

If you have money left over, top of the line faucets with all the bells and stoppers can be very impressive. Oh yes - and the painting and decorating is all down to you!
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