Choosing to Wait - A Guide to Inspiring Abstinence By Laura B Gallier, a Book Review

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Equipping Parents to Instill Abstinence in Their Children Laura B.
Gallier provides sensitive Godly coaching for instilling sexual purity in your children in her book "Choosing to Wait: A Guide to Inspiring Abstinence.
" Gallier's focus is on training that will furnish parents with the tools to inspire sexual abstinence by cultivating and instilling personal convictions to maintain sexual purity.
The study includes three steps which build on each other: Preparation, application, and motivation.
These topics center on establishing a Biblical understanding of the purposes and sacredness of sex within marriage and the affects of sexual sin.
Each chapter contains thought provoking questions for self reflection.
The application section provides a "Parent-Child Discussion Starter" and discussion road maps.
These serve as spring boards for discussing sex and abstinence.
Appalling statistics about America's high school students and youth appear throughout the book.
Gallier's demonstrates an understanding of the teen psyche, their natural instincts, and the temptations they face.
Chapter titles are clear and describe the actual content of the chapter.
This feature adds to the value of the book for later reference or review.
I found the "Steps to Inspiring Convictions" beneficial as they also provide principles for developing other important spiritual disciplines.
In a companion book for especially for teens entitled "Why Wait? The Naked Truth About Sex and Abstinence" Laura paves the way in an approach which encourages parent-teen dialog.
Parent and teen will benefit from having their own specific material to read, study, and apply.
"Choosing to Wait: A Guide to Inspiring Abstinence" provides answers for parents, teachers, and all who love and want to protect the children in their lives.
The book is Biblically sound, relevant, and timely.
Putting into practice the proactive plan for inspiring abstinence in your children will be an investment in their future and in your future peace of mind.
Destiny Image Inc.
, 978-0768427400 As reviewed for Midwest Book Review
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