How to Care for an Aging Cat

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  • 1). Maintain a close relationship with your veterinarian. Be certain he is aware of the rapid advances in this expanding area of veterinary medical knowledge. Some veterinarians specialize in care of geriatric cats.

  • 2). Visit your veterinarian at least once a year for recomended vaccinations and a complete physical examination including a urinalsis, fecal exam and blood workup.

  • 3). Allow preventitve health maintainence proceedures to be preformed as recomended.

  • 4). Recognize the importance of clean teeth and healthy gums. Preventitive dental health care has been a key contributor to the increase in quality and length of life in cats.

  • 5). Be absolutly certain that she is parasite free - no fleas or worms allowed. Your veterinarian will know what is safe and effective for older cats.

  • 6). Provide a diet formulated to meet the requirements of older cats. Nutritional requirements begin to change when your cat reaches about eight years of age.

  • 7). Add extra fiber (one-half teaspoon of psylium fiber) to her diet each day, helping to prevent hair balls and improve overall digestive function.

  • 8). Use suppliments such as chondroitin sulfate, antioxidents and glucosamine to help slow the aging process, the onset of joint disease and resulting inactivity.

  • 9). Recognize that older cats love to be warm and comfy. Provide her with a heat source, like a heating pad set on low, throughout the year, not just when you think it's cold.

  • 10

    Realize cats, especially old cats, like their privacy. Provide them a place to take an uninterrupted catnap away from the kids and other pets.

  • 11

    Groom her daily to keep her coat shinny and prevent her from ingesting hair when she grooms herself. Older cats may not be as fastidious as when they are young.

  • 12

    Prevent her from becoming overweight by encouraging exercise and feeding a proper diet.

  • 13

    Keep her indoors for health and safty resons especially after she reaches 12 years of age.

  • 14

    Continue to play with and hold her each day. Cats love attention and your touch will let her know you that you still love and care for her.

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