Tom Venuto"s Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review - Important Questions and Answers Online

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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto is one of the most popular online diet and fitness programs in history.
It was created by expert trainer and natural body builder Tom Venuto.
Although this program is widely known and has been used by thousands of people worldwide, there are still many common questions regarding this program which need to be answered.
This article contains a few of the most important questions about Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle and the answers to those questions.
Q: Is there active support for this program? A: Yes.
Tom Venuto answers emails very quickly.
There is also a members only forum where you can consult with other users of BFFM.
Q: I read that the main Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle ebook (BFFM) is close to 400 pages long.
Do I really need to do all that reading? A: No.
Some of the ebook is pretty advanced and you can probably achieve your weight loss goals with a fraction of it, so start using the material as you read along.
You can't blame Tom Venuto for over delivering.
His knowledge is extensive.
That's why the ebook is so long.
Q: Is this program for men and women? A: Yes.
Both men and women have used Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle with great success.
Q: Can I use this program without going to the gym? A: Burn The Fat is based on diet and fitness.
It's easier to workout in a gym, but you can probably find alternative exercises to do at home and to do cardiovascular activity outdoors.
Q: How many pounds can I expect to lose with this program? A: That's entirely up to you.
The closer you follow the guidelines of the program, the faster you'll lose weight and the better you'll look.
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