Would You Please Help Me Find My Brain?

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As I (barely) squeeze out the April issue of this newsletter, that's very indicative of the way this past week has gone, which I'll gladly divulge very soon.
Remember how I'm always reminding you that organization is something that comes and goes? That it's the process that gets you back on an even keel and allows you to find your organizing button once again? And that you have to let Life take the upper hand at times, and all the planning in the world doesn't help? Yep - that's happening to me big-time right now.
No excuses, no guilt, it just is! This little Swiss Army Knife pretty much exemplifies what's been happening lately, with the biggest problem being that I seem to have mislaid my brain! It would truly be sad if "faking it' weren't proving to be so successful - well...
almost! Let me share...
We're in the midst of having a new home built - lucky us, eh? Having 'generaled' such a project in the early 80's, I can't believe we're involved in building again, but it has proven to be much easier when we're the ones doing the errand-running and not determining where every nail should go.
We are, in fact, almost done and will probably close escrow by the end of this week.
Yikes! So, in accomplishing our 'to-do list' each day, we try to make sure we still fit in our walks, our Pilates class and all that fun stuff, just to keep that work/life balance we've recently talked about.
On the way home from town last week, Jim said, "Do you have a zipper in the back of those shorts?" This, after walking around town the better part of the day, in any number of different establishments.
In a panic, I checked and sure enough...
I'd had my pants on backwards all day! I had wondered why they didn't feel better than last year, since I'd lost a number of pounds.
Now I knew...
Believe you me, we got home in a hurry! OK, here we go again...
a bit ago, I was Skyping with a client and friend and we couldn't figure out why I could see her, but she couldn't see me.
oh, well...
these technical things happen, so we just ignored it and had a great work session.
I was telling Jim about this problem later in the day and he said, "Did you take the sticky off the camera?" True or not, I'd been told to cover the lens when not in use, and had totally forgotten to remove it! Just what are we talking about here? Is it just plain, old inattention? Multi-tasking? Too much going on, or just trying to cram too much into a day? All of the above, and more, I'm sure! Luckily, I've learned how to settle myself down when things get like this: breath! Take a minute to smell the proverbial roses.
Just sloooowwwww doowwwnnn for a little bit, right? Remember that the purpose of time management and organizing is not to cram more into the mere 24 hours that we have each day (leave 8 hours for sleep, please!).
You want to get done what you need to get done and find what you need to find, no more, no less! Aim for accomplishing your top two or three projects early each day (before everyone else's 'to-do-list' lands in your lap!).
Then you can 'fill in' as the day progresses with your less-important but still critical goals.
I know that you are experiencing the same little foibles from time to time, but hopefully your pants are on correctly and you're communicating as you should with those in your world.
would you please help me find my brain?
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